Emergency Plumbing Issues in the Workshop

We recently had an emergency issue with one of our gas lines at the workshop. None of our staff had a clue how to deal with the situation, we were forced to act quickly and gave a local plumbing company a call. Damien McEvoy Plumbing offered their emergency plumbing service to us and were at the shop within 15 minutes. We were very lucky to have such a great plumbing service in the area. We spoke to Damien and his boys and they were able to provide us with some helpful tips to provide all of our customers. Read this article below to find out what you need to do in an emergency plumbing situation and if you are ever faced with an emergency plumbing situation call Damien McEvoy for the fastest service in the Sutherland Shire.

Various types of emergencies can happen at home and around the workplace causing a lot of damage to oneself and property. However, one of the most damaging of all emergencies is a plumbing emergency. The most common plumbing emergencies include broken or frozen pipes, leaking gas, as well blocked toilets. As a matter of fact, well-maintained plumbing will greatly reduce the chances of disasters striking. However, it is essential to have the name and contacts of an emergency plumber or emergency plumbing service in mind because you might need them to come to your aid during a plumbing emergency.

The importance of an emergency plumber is exemplified in the following situations:

-Gas leak

A gas leak can be very dangerous because of its potential to cause heavy damage to your property. Therefore, if you detect a gas leak in your home, it is absolutely necessary to contact an emergency plumbing service immediately.Natural Gas Leak The smell of gas is usually the first sign that something is wrong. As well as causing serious damage to your property, a gas leak can lead to an explosion, death, or injury. Immediately you detect a gas leak in your home, you need to switch off the main valve, and then contact the emergency plumbing service.

-Breakdown in heating 

If your heating system breaks down in the middle of winter, it is a plumbing emergency. This is especially so where you have young children at home, individuals who are ill or elderly, or have failing health. However, before contacting an emergency plumber, you can first check whether you can fix the problem yourself. Check whether the thermostat has been switched off or turned down. In addition, you should also check the burner switch in order to establish whether it has been switched off.

Another reason why the heating system may not be working could be because the circuit breaker may have tripped and resetting it will cause the heating to come back. For those people who burn oil for their heating, it is important to check whether the oil tank is empty before contacting an emergency plumbing service. If after checking everything we have mentioned here and you still find your heating is still not working, and then you need to contact an emergency plumbing service.

-Burst pipes 

In case you haBurst pipeve a burst pipe, you should first shut the main water valve before contacting an emergency plumbing service. If you are not aware of the location of any emergency shut-off valves then make a point of contacting your plumber. Have the plumbers come to your home and conduct an inspection and have them tag the valves while explaining to you which valves to shut case of an emergency.

-When the water in the house stops running 

This situation can be brought about by frozen pipes. Should you experience this situation, contact an emergency plumbing service immediately. These professionals will be able to resolve this issue immediately because they have the necessary experience and expertise.

You also need to realize that not every plumbing problem is an emergency. In most cases, a hardy homeowner can comfortably handle most minor plumbing problems without the involvement of a plumber. You only need to call for help when it is really necessary to do so. There are many tips available for homeowners at Afterfx, check out their blog posts for some very usefu information.


Fishing for Cod

Its been a very cold winter so far here in Australia. The seas have been ever so cold and the loot from our troubles have been just as harsh. We have sailed through lots of different oceans and come back with our baskets empty apart from a few small fish that are hardly mentionable. This weekend marks the start of the Salmon season though and we hope to turn and troubled times into a fortune. We will be using an extremely thick fishing line going for the really deep hiding fish in the Southern hemisphere. There have been no maritime sightings so far of any tuna above 20lb and we are hoping to bring the first one aboard our vessel. Our voyage begins this Friday and will tackle the high seas all weekend until we are satisfied that there is nothing else worth fishing or trawling for.

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